Dec 31, 2013

Happy new year 2014

Mirmee foundation will add something new for the advancement of its operation;
1. Membership increment
2. Professional content editor hiring
3. E paper publishing
4. Develop and launch of site for the sake of mirmee and surrounding, a . Com site
5. Find dedicated team members in different countries and make them committed.

Now cheers! For the 2014!

Dec 26, 2013

Japan scholarships 2014

For graduate and post graduate courses in scholarship

Dec 18, 2013

Scroll the lens man!

Culture and language in Japan: A guide to self-disciplined society!

No more words, but just wanna share that the way Japanese people speak and have conversation is so much respectful and satisfactory that I have ever felt. Peace is the achievement through continuous improvement on culture, or you can say the system! I will follow in my life, you wanna follow? Follow me! Hehe!!!

Dec 12, 2013

Street walk at night

Confidence and success :

Confidence is a funny thing – sometimes it’s difficult to imagine why someone doesn’t feel confident about their ability to handle a situation when we know they could easily do it.

A key issue to understand is that inside all of us there’s a voice which determines how we react to many of life’s situations.  It’s a voice which tells us which things we’re good at and which things we’re likely to fail at.

It’s a voice we generate ourselves based on many years of experience of life. Very often it can be helpful but it can also be a great handicap.

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.  Every day we hear about human achievements which initially, people probably scoffed at and said ‘You’ll never do it!’  However when someone really believes in their ability to deliver, they often make it.

Most people go through their lives at a level of personal achievement far below what they could really do.  This is mostly because no one has ever taken the time to nurture or encourage them.

The greater the ability someone has to attain their full potential the better the chance they will perform at their highest level and ultimately succeed.

What does success mean?

Different people measure success differently, some people’s views of success are:

  • For many it will be money, power, or material possessions
  • Or perhaps promotion and the enhanced status that comes with it
  • Others will judge their success in life by their ability to influence their surroundings in a much broader sense, for example, improving the environment
  • Others will especially value relationships with their immediate circle of family, friends or colleagues
  • Many people find satisfaction in helping, either materially or spiritually, people less able than themselves, or those who are disadvantaged in some way.

4 Key ways to be successful in life:

  1. Develop a positive self-image
  2. Adopt a ‘can do’ approach
  3. Be clear about what you want
  4. Develop a written action plan

Source: MBA knowledge base

Nepal Namasute Association: a day with the person who realized thepotential on Nepeople.

It's unknown to me where I was going, I was just going with my friends: Anish and  Mohan; that's it! I went to the office located in takadanobaba shinjuku. Mr. Yukoo Takano. He is a boxing player. His, like public announcement was Nepal would be identified as the country of boxers! And he added he wants to help nepali people in japan to involve and earn better, to find job and help the government of Japan for the upcoming 2020 Olympic in Tokyo.
I am really impressed by his love for nation and willingness to bridge Nepal and Japan.

Dec 11, 2013

Ph D : scholarship in Japan

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I can not stay with out this blog !

Nearer to sky tree, Hirai, Tokyo
Dear regular readers and the team 

This is me Bishnu Neupane, currently in Tokyo and today in this auspicious occasion dated 11/12/13 i.e. 11 dec 2013 and I will keep keep posting from my side. keep me suggesting...! good time ahead!

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