Apr 22, 2014

Before starting a career

Tim Ferriss, host of "The Tim Ferriss Experiment" and author of "The 4-Hour Workweek":

"I wish I'd read Warren Buffett's early annual letters. There are so many gems that apply broadly to business and life. I'll paraphrase my favorites:

  • Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.
  • To be successful, you can get a lot of things wrong, as long as you get a few critical things right. 
  • Invest [your time and money] as though you have a single card with only five to 10 hole punches allowed.

Whether you're playing on Wall Street or Main Street, I think his wisdom is an incredible asset." 

Teresa Taylor, former COO of Qwest Communications and author of "The Balance Myth":

"When I was in college, I wish I would have known that you need to be more flexible with work life. You will have situations, bosses, and decisions that you cannot predict, and nothing turns out the way you thought it would. That's OK! Let things happen, and open yourself to new opportunities."

Dan Schawbel, managing partner of Millennial Branding and author of "Promote Yourself":

"As a college student, I never knew that entrepreneurship was a career solution to employment, nor did I consider an entrepreneurial approach to career management. Like most students, I thought that the ideal career path was to work your way up at a big company and then retire, and boy was I wrong. 

"Through the years, I realized that the only way you can truly get ahead is by being accountable, networking constantly, and putting yourself out there. I realized that you need to think of a career as a collection of experiences along a journey and leverage everything you can to propel yourself forward."Scott Adams, creator of syndicated comic Dilbert and author of "How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big"

"I would tell my young self to keep open as many options as possible because the future is wildly unpredictable. The best way to improve your options is to continually learn as much as you can in fields that are complementary to your main interests. It also helps your odds if you stay networked with as many influential people as you can."

Kay Krill, president and CEO of ANN Inc.:

"The advice I would have given to my college self and any young person entering the workforce today would be to always be authentic and true to yourself and your beliefs. Do not get sidetracked with advice from others that your gut tells you is wrong. By doing this, you will have the clarity of mind to always do the right thing for the business and for yourself."

Mark Cuban, billionaire entrepreneur and investor:

"I wish that I had known it was just a job and not a mission to make my employer money. I thought I could truly impact the profits of the company — that my ideas were as good on my first day as the most senior executive. I should have been patient and tried to fit in and develop a possible career. 

"But I didn't. I was a horrible employee. As it turns out, being bored and deciding to leave after nine months wasn't a bad decision. So I guess the real response is that I'm glad I didn't know it even though I should have. If I had known that, I might still be there…"

Denise Morrison, president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company:

"If I could give my younger self career advice, it would be this: Don't wait for doors to open. Open them yourself by being persistent and thinking strategically about your career. Plan your career destination, develop a personal mission statement, and build relationships with sponsors and mentors. 

"And above all, network, because networking is working. Your ability will only take you so far. Your relationships will take you the rest of the way."

Apr 13, 2014

My song

A mountain side!

Could you name the land?
Its a dream land!
Its a mountain side! 
Makes you feel a pride!

See the thunder
Feel the wonder
Its a mountain side

Its nepal!

Whats ever you do in your life
One have to die
Its a mountain side
To go before you die
Its mountain side

Standing on the top, everest tried
Kissed the sky
Its a mountain side
To go before you die!
Its a mountain side!

Dnt close the aparture
Listen the unspoken lecture
This is you n me, mountain n river
This is you n me,
Here is buddha, Its  lumbini
Playing in the lap of mountain side
Its nepal!!

....stiill to be edited, grammers n plus minus remaining lol!