Nov 29, 2015

Impact of Banda in Mirmee

Banda imposed by Netra Bikram Chand 'Biplav'-led CPN Maoist has disrupted normal life in Mirmee and surrounding area on Sunday as transportation services, markets and other institutions remain shut. Here are some snapshots during bandh in Mirmee Bazar, photos taken by Mr. Ganesh Pandey for Mirmee Foundation.
Banda in Mirmee, 2015/11/29 Sunday, by Mr. Pandey Ganesh
The bazar square of Mirmee Phant. Photo by Mr. `Pandey Ganesh

Nov 24, 2015

Video: Mirmee

Mirmee, Courtesy: Mr. Gaurav Bhattarai
Typical dances..

Beautiful Syangja