It’s time to reinvent creativity
The fact is, the future of marketing's probably not going to be the past of marketing, just bigger, faster, noisier. Put yourself in the shoes of one of the so-called "consumers" who, a few short years from now, has to submit to a daily barrage of four thousand flying, spinning, tracking, shouting "ads" hunting you down like enraged banshees from your browser, to the street corner, to the bookstore, to the ends of the very earth for a moment.

That approach just won't cut it when it comes to meeting the seemingly insurmountable challenges and imperatives of the 21st century: including managing "resistance" from self-organizing networks of people (when it's not spiraling apathy, indifference, or outright distrust, that is); seeding, nurturing, and harvesting lasting, meaningful relationships; distilling the signal, instead of adding to the noise; building shared values, instead of succumbing to lowest-common-denominator "tactics;" forging enduring compacts with, instead of merely broadcasting cleverer promises to all of your constituencies; grappling with the effects of lost decades of austerity on countries and communities; and facing down the fracturing relationship between stuff, happiness, and prosperity; shaping and imagining transformatively better experiences, instead of merely pushing new-but-not-so-improved "product."

Consider that (still unfolding) list a line-item account of the "relevance deficit" between marketing as we know it and the 21st century as we're living it.

Before we get on to the 21st century, travel with me back to the mid-20th and the world of Don Draper. Apart from better suits and sharper haircuts, what was really different? I'd say it might be what one could call a seat at the table. Then, the input of marketers wasn't merely valuable, it was invaluable; it wasn't merely perfunctory, it was critical; it wasn't timely, but timeless; it wasn't tactical, it was strategic; it wasn't mechanical, but foundational to the basic competitive choices organizations made. In their heyday, the masterminds of creative endeavor were a little bit more like--some might argue nothing less than--trusted advisors, shrewd consiglieri, and sage mentors to the titans of industry and the leaders of nations (a role, today, that's the jealously guarded, zealously protected turf of management consultancies, academic gurus, and investment bankers). Endgame: today, in most boardrooms, whether corporate, national, or non-profit, the voices of authority most often come from the analytical worlds of finance, strategy, and economics--and less so from the creative worlds of marketing, branding, and design.

I'm not out to romanticize the past so much as to pin down the plight of the creative present. Here's how I'd summarize it. While it might not be the case that--as the digerati are wont to declaim--"Marketing's, like, totally over, dude. Didn't you get the tweet!?" It probably is the case that marketing is not be living up to its potential--what it was capable of just a few short decades ago, and probably still is.

Economists speak of the "exorbitant privilege" that a country with a reserve currency has: the ability to keep an economy strong even in the face of weak fundamentals. Marketing enjoyed a kind of exorbitant privilege in its glory days: a paucity of information. In a newly industrialized world, what was truly expensive and scarce was information--and marketing sprang up as a way to transmit information from industrialists to consumers (and to profit handsomely from the art of doing so).

But over the last half century, information has gotten cheaper than free. Today, it overflows from our pockets, our cars, the very air around us. And with that crash in the price of information, so the overarching economic justification for marketing has begun to ebb, erode, and maybe even to disappear. And thought you may certainly suggest to me that marketing plays a psychological role in "attaching" people to "brands' with sets of illusory promises acutely targeted to voids and gaps in people's lives, I'd just as certainly assure you that doing so creates little to no authentic economic value (that, unfortunately, demands the hard work of making people tangibly better off). You can try, but you can't fight cold, hard economics. The prime mover of creativity's fall from grace, the great challenge it must surmount if it wants to survive (let alone thrive): real rates of returns to the boardroom that are at best marginally positive, and on average around zero.

Here's the crux. Though the tools, tricks, and techniques of yesteryear are, indeed, still just enough to "get the job done, merely getting a less and less strategically critical and economically vital job done probably isn't good enough for your own lasting prosperity (unless your idea of a great career is being metaphorically demoted from Don Draper to Junior Receptionist). Hence, I'd suggest: it may be that marketers have to become less mechanics of the present--and more architects of the future.

So what might it take to begin marketing's voyage past the well-charted--and by now, lonely and arid--shores of the industrial age? What's the job of the architects of the future--those who literally imagine, design, build, and create the future?

I'd say a necessary list of requisite skills goes something like this: to have the impertinence to believe that it might just be not only possible--but necessary--to, dream bigger (for humanity), think sharper (for awe-inspiring accomplishment, not just short-term advantage), push harder (for real value--and more enduring values) and do better (for people and society). Simply put: it's time to expand the heart, renew the soul, and awake the mind of the rusting, fading industrial age discipline of creativity.

Sound hopelessly impractical? Think again. You can already see the revolution I've traced above beginning to ignite. Check out Stanford's insanely awesome "d-school" --so cool that if I had my druthers, every MBA would have to spend a semester there seeking redemption. Courses like "Design for Extreme Affordability" aren't the push-marketing stuff of yesteryear--they're not about using creative skills in the pursuit of industrial age stuff, but to disrupt the pursuit of industrial age stuff--and to change the world radically for the better.

Consider, this, then a challenge: a mini-manifesto for rebellion against the threadbare status quo, for reimagining creativity's power and possibilities, by shooting not just for the next campaign, account, client, or prize--but for the moon. If I was asked, "Hey, Umair, how should we hack (as in managerially hack, institutionally innovate) creativity--and bring a tiny bit of empathy, wisdom, and just plain good taste back into the boardrooms of the world?"--well, my little answer would probably go something like this: "Welcome to the 21st century, wannabe-Draper Jr. Let me humbly suggest: your discipline's day might just have come--and gone. "Creativity" as we know it has reached steeply diminishing, if not negative, returns. It's time to elevate the art--to focus with laser-like intensity on a fundamentally truer, wiser, higher, more powerful, challenging, and disruptive form of creativity. Want to create the future of creativity? Create a better future for humanity."

Shreenagar Healthy Drinks Pvt. Ltd, Tansen, Palpa

Marketing Plan
Shreenagar Extra Shakti Juice
(In Chinese Taste)

Submitted To:
Balaram Bhattarai
Instructor, Marketing Management
Pokhara University

Submitted By:
Bishnu Prasad Neupane
MBA Third Trimester
School Of Business, Pokhara University
March, 2011

Executive summary

Shreenagar Healthy Drinks Pvt. Ltd, Tansen, Palpa now offers the Chinese philosophy in a bottle. The local company wants to introduce Shreenagar Extra Shakti Juice, a drink made with fruits and flowers in Chinese taste, the slogan reads "drink based on ancient wisdom", which is proposed to combat the daily
stress and above all to find the mental and physical balance. Nowadays people is getting more concerned about the environment and also about their health, that’s why with this product we are targeting consumers on a diet (more attentive to the line, to health and wellness), those who practice sports (Taekwondo, Karate, Kung fu, etc.), and those who want a boost of energy, because they feel tired, stressed or just because they need to feel better.

The marketing objective is to introduce this new drink to Nepalese consumers using a very effective campaign, and our primary financial objectives are to achieve in our first fiscal period, which runs from May 1, 2011 to April 26, 2011, total sales revenue of at least Rs. 1,200,000, keep the first-year losses to less than Rs.3 million NRs and break even early in the second year.

Table of Content

Contents                                                                                                         Page Number
Executive summary                                                                                                     1
Current marketing situation                                                                                        3
Product review                                                                                                            3
Flavors of product
Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice Millenary Transparency                                 4
Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice Millenary Serenity                                         4
Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice Millenary Force                                             4
Competitive review                                                                                                     5
SWOT analysis                                                                                                           5
Marketing strategy                                                                                                      8
Action programs                                                                                                         11
Break-even point                                                                                                         14
References                                                                                                                  15


Current Marketing Situation
Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice (SEEJ) is guided by the principles of ancient Chinese wisdom. According to this philosophy, external factors can alter the natural harmony of body, mind and spirit. When this fails, you can restore it with gentle daily practices based on 5000 years of ancient wisdom.
Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice is a drink suitable for people who are now in a continuous rising trend, develop good habits from the Eastern world, or is still looking for an overall balance in the stress of modern life. Shreenagar Healthy Drinks Private Limited, Tansen, Palpa now offers the Chinese philosophy in a bottle. A partnership between The Shreenagar Healthy Drinks Private Limited, Tansen, Palpa; Vitalon Foods company (a China based multinational company) and Jenny Ng, a Hongkongese woman that offer consumers fresh juices, soups, teas and herbs that combine the principles of ancient Chinese wisdom with the needs of 'environment and style of contemporary life. Vitalon Foods Company is a very renowned and most preferred beverage producing company, based in Beijing, China and its marker is expanding globally. It also produces snacks too. This has enabled the expansion of this concept immediately ready to drink beverages in Italy and now in Taiwan also, after we succeeded in the market of Lumbini zone of Nepal and we have collaborated with local beverages in respective countries where we  expanding now.

Product review:
According to ancient Chinese wisdom, all things in life can be classified according to some theories, including that of Yin and Yang and the Wu Xing (the 5 elements: earth, fire, water, metal and wood).
All foods and herbs have specific characteristics that reflect these theories. When combined properly can help you regain the equilibrium lost due to external factors such as season. Shreenagar Extra energy Juice is a line of delicious fruit-based beverages, tea and herbal extracts carefully blended according to the principles of ancient Chinese wisdom to bring harmony to body, mind and spirit. Shreenagar Extra energy Juice beverages come in three different flavors and contain no preservatives or colorings, the three different flavors are:
1) Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice Millenary Transparency:
This is a combination of green tea, plum, kumquat, orange and lemon. Green tea is widely used throughout Asia for its ability to help find freshness and the overall balance. The kumquat is known in China for its ability to regulate the inner energy, with balanced properties of the Yin and Yang (the 5 elements: earth, fire, water, metal and wood), is combined with orange and lemon to give freshness and light taste of Shreenagar Extra energy Juice.

2) Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice Millenary Serenity:
This is a combination of pear, litchi, lemon, jasmine, osmanthus. The jasmine flower was used in ancient China to lift the spirit. The osmanthus flower was cultivated for the first time during the Qing Dynasty for its strong taste and warm property in kind, symbolizes the focus, purity and honor in China. The plan of litchi was popular as a thirst quencher in ancient China and in Nepal too. Shreenagar Extra energy Juice is is being prepared to launch in Nepalese market after its success in other countries and Lumbini zone of Nepal.

3) Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice Millenary Force:
Millenary Force is a selection of ginger, ginseng and kumquats balanced with apple juice, should be able to support the inner energy, help to clear your head and raise spirit from the stresses of everyday life. According to ancient Chinese wisdom, ginseng nourishes Yin energy, the excess of Yang in the body and strengthening the inner energy. Ginger was used to stimulate the flow of inner energy (Qi). The kumquat, known for its ability to regulate the inner energy has properties of balanced Yang and Yin (the 5 elements).

Competitive Review:
Being Shreenagar Extra energy Juice a combination of energetic and nutritional drink it faces a good quantity of competition in today’s market, especially in Nepal where the culture is a little different from that of this product principles and taste but these days Chinese taste in preferred by many Nepalese people. We can see the market expansion of noodles, chowmin and other fast foods are very rapid because these all are preferred by Nepalese people and the delicious Chinese taste. But being Shreenagar Healthy Drinks a big company, the actual competition is against
the products from small beverages (local drinking products) and also big companies as well.
One of the biggest competitions that face Shreenagar Extra energy Juice in Nepal is the competition from strong Dabor Nepal limited and some other companies with a great variety of beverages, where most of the products are sport and tea based drinks. Some examples are:
�� Himalayan Foods and Beverage Company
�� Lumbini Beverage
Other big competition is the one that comes from the biggest Coca-Cola Company rival, and also consider one of the biggest companies of beverages in the world, PepsiCo, which will make a very hard competition to Shreenagar Extra energy Juice, because they usually use their brand recognition and product differentiation.

1. Brand impression:
 The Vitalon Foods Company has already a good brand impression in the world and South Asia as well, so when they launch a new product, people will want to try it, because we know the quality of products that Vitalon Foods Company have, lately Vitalon Foods Company launch Schweppes in Taiwan, but this product already exists in us since 1991. However, until now this company brings it here, and because their good brand impression, and some good promotion and marketing strategy, now is popular in Taiwan and hope the same will be in Nepal.

2. Innovative:
This drink combines fruits and herbs, these two features together give our consumers the new concept that the drink can be nutritious and delicious simultaneously. The way is made combine the principles of ancient Chinese wisdom with the needs of the environment and style of contemporary life. This concept will attract a variety of people from different backgrounds.

3. Value pricing:
If you have been to pharmacy recently, you will know that nutrition drinks actually are really expensive, for example: electrolyze water. Our price set at NRs. 30  is a good investment because is not like a common drink that you just drink and feel refresh for a while, our product will give consumer the extra value of the principles ancient wisdom.

1. Brand impression:
The Vitalon Foods Company own brand impression can be a good thing, and also can be a bad thing, because for some parents according to the media like coke and drinks related to this one can be harmful to people’s health, so people may react a little defensive to this new product even though is more related to stimulate the inner (Qi) energy, vital force that the body expresses. An example of weakness part of brand impression is the recent case of Dabor Nepal limited’s Real Juice. Real Juice found to be defective and unhealthy and people found earthworms and insects in juices that news over mass media compelled Real juice into a very untrusting and unhealthy juice and now the market of this juice is affected adversely even it is producing quality products.
1. Lower cost:
Because this product was launched in Italy, Europe, first, ingredients that are use to elaborate this product will be needed to be found in Taiwan, a country relatively cheaper than Italy, and this will mean a lower production cost.

2. Globalization:
 Our product was available only in Lumbini Zone of Nepal, but for The Vitalon Foods Company will be a great advantage sending these products to Taiwan and other East Asian countries, because Taiwan’s location is in the middle of Asia, which means that if it is a huge success in here, Vitalon Foods Company can easily go to other some European countries and promote this product.

1. The recycle cost increase:
Since the company need to afford the recycle cost for their products,it increases the cost of production and there will be a threat of not succeeding to achieve the expected profit. In Vitalon Foods Company, they have a variety of materials to make their bottles like aluminum, iron and so on. Which mean the whole process will cost more when they produce this new product in Nepal
2. Substitute:
Our product may have less competition in South Asian drink market, but in Taiwan we have lots of vendors that sell this kind of drink, herbs juices, which mean that if our consumers don’t walk in our retailer’s stores our selling opportunity will decrease.
3. Economic is in a slump:
 Nowadays in Nepal the economy is getting worst, which means that not every customer can afford pay a little bit higher than the normal price (other energetic drinks are around Rs. 20-Rs.25 ). So our market could be influence by this, letting to a decrease in the amount of people buying it.

 Marketing Strategy:
Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice’s marketing strategy is based on a positioning of product differentiation. Our primary consumer target is consumers who want a boost of energy. Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice means “strong inner energy” will be our slogan for advertising and promotion. Our new product is proposed as an ally to combat the daily stress and above all to find the mental and physical balance. When our customers drink a bottle of our beverage, he or she can enjoy the taste and enhance their inner balance at the same time. The secondary consumer is consumers on a diet, and those who practice sports. Because our product have three different flavors, that included many nutritional ingredients.

Using product differentiation, we are positioning Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice as the most fresh, pleasant, and innovative product for people on a diet and people pursuing balance inside their body. Our marketing focus on it is a new drink inspired by the ancient principles of traditional Chinese wisdom by telling people that our beverage is a taste of “5,000 years of wisdom in a bottle.” Consumers can experience Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice in an atmosphere geared toward enhancing inner balance. This historical and scientific philosophy is now in Nepali market.

Product Strategy
Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice, including our three different flavors Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice Millenary Force, Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice Millenary Serenity and Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice Millenary Transparency, will launch in all over the Nepal at the beginning of
March, 2011. The logo of Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice is a graph of the Nepalese sport Taekwondo and we put the photo of Sangina Baidhya, nepali star Taekwondo player. This logo matches the spirit of our product, which means that each of our new drinks has a combination of factors to stimulate the Yin and Yang (the 5 elements: earth, fire, water, metal and wood) that are complementary and opposite forces that exist in nature. That is exactly the meaning and purpose of the Shreenagar Extra energy Juice. Our drink is sampled in a natural and relaxed atmosphere where the emphasis is on balancing our heart and mind. This creates  peace and give extra energy to work more.

Pricing Strategy
Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice will be introduced at a price of NRs. 30 for each bottle. For now, Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice is cheaper in Italy, because it is more difficult to let western people to accept a drink that they do not understand very well. So that is why it is cheaper in Italy, to attract more consumers to try it. In Nepal, because it is easier to consumers to accept this idea of Chinese culture and they prefer Chinese tastes, consumers will be willing to pay this value for the drink.

Distribution Strategy
Our channel strategy is to use selective distribution, such as well-known retailers, like supermarkets, restaurants, small shops, and convenient stores in main cities and rural areas of Nepal. And because our new products are not just a normal beverage, our drink made with fruit juices and plant extracts, they are drinks between functional drink and normal beverage. So in addition to convenient stores we are also going to sell our products in pharmacies and herbal shops to let our products be well-known in the Nepalese market.

Marketing Communication Strategy
Our new products are created by Jenny Ng, who has created a series of stores that sells soups, teas and fresh juices in Hong Kong 25 years ago. This kind of alliance between the west, in this case Coca-cola, and east, Jenny Ng, is the main point of our drink, the combination of two cultures. So we will have many commercials on TV that will highlight this combination of cultures. Furthermore, we will emphasis on Nepalese sports and culture (Nepalese & Chinese)
as cricket and football in the commercials, and also we will talk about inner balance inside the body to emphasize the stimulation of the sportsman and our concept is that every person is a sportsman these days since they have to play with many activities, taking all sorts of activities as playing. People are more tensed these days due to their workloads in offices and others too.

Marketing Research
Using research, we can know what consumers think about this innovative drink and also if they can accept it easily, we will also create a website for feedback, where consumers can write their own experience of drinking our new products, they can comment on what they felt after they drink it and how was the atmosphere after, if it was a more relax or calmed. And even consumers can discuss the sports like we said before Karate, they can talk about the benefit of this sport, and it can let Nepalese and Chinese culture more and more be well-known.

Marketing Organization
The Shreenagar Healthy Drinks Company chief marketing officer, Bishnu Prd Neupane, holds overall responsibility for all of the company’s marketing activities.
Action Programs
Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice will be introduced in three different flavors (Transparency Millennial, Force Millennial, and Serena millennial) on May 1 in all biggest cities of Nepal and our actions programs to get to our marketing and financial objectives, using a budget of three million new N Rs. 3,000,000 that we will use in the first 6 months including May will be the following. May: we will set a 500,000 NRs promotion campaign in order to attract different possible distribution channels, the promotion campaign expenses will advertise our products in major trade centers of Nepal and main cities giving samples to possible owners of companies that in the future could be interested in resealing our products. Banners (for night markets and streets): People will want to hang out with their friends and relax after a heavy and stressful workday. Most people will go out for shopping and eating. So putting banners in night markets and streets can catch people’s eye easily. And because our product is talking about combating the daily stress and find the mental and physical balance. It is exactly what people, who being through a whole heavy and annoying day, wants to feel inside balance and get their energy back.

Poster and flyer:
 Poster and Flyer are the mostly strategy using for marketing. The poster and flyer for our new product, Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice, will be very impressive. It can remind people that the value of this product and the value of our company. It will remind people that we are the best and the most innovative product ever. And the posters and flyers will exhibit in MRT stations, sides of public bus and the convenient stores selling our product. For wholesalers, we will emphasize on selling in Supermarkets and shops and Save & Safe way.
Because based on data bank, there are 61 stores of Salvage and 24 stores of Binayak in Nepal. For retailers and pharmacies, we will emphasize on Nepal Pharmaceuticals Association and Medico Nepal. Based on data bank, there are 398 stores of Nepal Pharmaceuticals Association and 320 stores of Medico Nepal. We will also go around all Nepal educating all of the  establishments that will offer our products with the all the facts they need to know about our product, like the product health advantages, all the nutrition facts we offer, and also one of the most important things, how the concept of inner energy is applied in this training we will have a 30,000N Rs budget.
June: we will set a 1,000,000 budget to promote Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice in all the communication media possible, first we will have TV commercials focusing in the advantages of consuming our product, we decide have two separate parts in the TV commercial, the first one is, that we are going to extract scenes from the movie to make a commercial to present the product, in the second part we are going to make a funny commercial to symbolize we are not just a normal drink, we also have a function to make people be slender or be healthier. According to two types of commercial, we can attract different kind of customer, for example: from different age.
In the first one we are going to use the movie“Kung fu panda,” the reason that we want to use this movie, is because basically this movie is constructed by ancient china’s kung fu and lots of element related to sports and inner energyi . Based on this, we can see lots of connection between them, so we think that to use this movie to converse an advertisement really can impress our customer and also it will be easier to bring the impression we want to deliver to our customer, and also this movie is a comedy produce by DreamWorks, this means that we don’t need to worry about the impression for our product, because is design for elder people, and simultaneously attracts lots of teenager fans.
We will also announce in big radio stations, national ones and also local FM radios in Nepali, Magar, Gurung and English languages; also we will put a fancy advertisement on magazines. We will choose those magazines talking about sports and health. Because we are targeting consumers on a diet, practice sports, and want a boost of energy. Most people will absorb information that they are interested from professional magazines. So the advertisement on magazines will be the most direct access to communicate with our consumers. Least but not last we will also promote in the internet in the biggest search engines as ads that you can link and direct go to our website, some of the internet places we will use will be: Yahoo and Facebook. March: as our media advertising keeps growing we will have campaigns for the health and we will have little exhibitions with stands around Taiwan offering samples of our products for people willing to try our new and innovative product, we will also give for free tissue paper as a way of advertisement and give something extra to the future consume, and also offer games and interactive activities for people to get involved with the product and want to buy it in the future again and again, in this we will have a budget of 200,000 NRs.
July: we will create a raffle using our product, the raffle consist in collecting 5 of our product bottle caps and send it to our office with the person’s information to be able to compete with other consumers for a half year supply of Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice. We will advertise this raffle by all the communication media as well and we will use celebrities as models, for this we expect to spend around 500,000 NRs.
We will hold a sales contest that will last for 6 months with our salespersons and retailers offering very good prices and limited edition of special key-chains that will be for free and can give as an extra value to the end consumer, the winner of the contest will be the one that can sell more quantities of our product. We are expected to spend 370,000 NRs.
 We will have a budget of 400,000 NRs join the Asian food exhibit, one of Asia's most important food shows and had celebrated its 19th birthday in 2009. The show itself has been the most popular platform for industry players to launch their products into the hottest Nepal (also Taiwan) and overseas markets; this will bring us even more business opportunities.
By this time we will have brand new advertising, we will create different TV commercials using people that are using our product at the moment, and we will have them expressing their experience after they start drinking our new energy beverage. These people will be from different backgrounds, sport people, people on diet, or just housewives. We will post in our web page also these people experiences.

Break Even Point:
Total first fiscal period, which runs from May1, 2011 to April 31, 2012, sales revenue for the Shreenagar Healthy Drinks Company, is projected at N Rs. 2,700,000, with an average wholesale price of Rs. 30 per unit and a variable cost per unit of Rs. 10 for unit sales volume of 90,000 bottles. We anticipate a first-year loss of up to Rs.1, 300,000 on the Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice k. Break-even calculations indicate that the Shreenagar energy drink will become profitable after the sales volume exceeds 200,000 sold bottles, early in the product’s second year.
Our break-even analysis of the Shreenagar Extra Energy Juice drink assumes per-bottle wholesale revenue of Rs 30 per bottle, variable cost of Rs 10 per bottle, and estimated first-year fixed cost of Rs. 4,000,000 that includes Rs. 3,000,000 from the marketing budget, and Rs.1,000,000 production and miscellaneous costs. Break-Even calculation will be:

Rs.4, 000,000                                      =   200,000 Bottles
Rs. 30/bottle –Rs.10NTD/bottle

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