Aalam Devi Temple Syangja, Photo by Roshan Rana

good snap Photo by Roshan Rana

Representation of culture Photo by Roshan Rana

Aalam Devi Mandir 

A boy worshipping in Alamdevi Temple Syangja 

Aalam devi Temple Nepal

Gore! Snapping our photo at Coca cola factory in Chitwan
Smile .. click! 

@CG Udhog Gram!
Because this is a tour! I think, My best snap!!@ Sauraha

@CG Seminar Hall
Jeetu and Bishnu

Anwesh: can not be explained..!! Thank you dude!
Tharu Culture!@Nawalparasi
Deepesh Describing or broke himself? Confused! A memory!
Nischal Aapa, singing! Mora... mora piya....!!
Palpa snapped from Bus!
Sauraha, snapped during tour!
Bhirahawa Chowk snap


@Science Exhibition, oh! That's use of motor for helicopter sample! Wonderful!
Mirmee Foundation helping science exhibition in Mirmee Model Lower Secondary School, Syangja!
Hey don't do that Deepesh! 
Girls Group: Our Batch@SOB

Rider: Deepmaala Mam! We the pax! @Sauraha

Before departure to Dhampus for the week end
A snap at School of Business, Pokhara University/ (Evening Walk Memire)
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Speaking Surya Pokharel, Pradeep in right side
We@Cocacola: Bottlers Nepal Chitawan
Our MBA Batch@ Gangadevi Gram, CG
We@Chaudhary Group, Nawalparasi
@ Int'l Mountain Museum, Pokhara, Nepal
in a class @ Pokhara University, School of Business
with our HRMcourse instructor  Deepmaala Madam
Khudi-Begnas (1752m)road/ bg:Ramindra
Sunrise, snapped from Pune Hill

Friends in Tansen, Palpa-Career Group Nepal

Hasdai kheldai...frnz dance re dance!!!

Snapshots on my old posts, while using privately... now this site is multi-admin.

“Hey, aren’t you planning to come here brother?” my sister asked.
I replied “Um…m, I can’t say the exact date but I will be there in the celebration of golden jubilee of my school. But the date of celebration has not fixed yet, right?”
“No. The date is fixed for the celebration. The celebration will continue for the whole four days. First day- welcome and starting with various musical and cultural shows too, and second day- there are different games we are going to organize and also dance competitions will held. The third day-....

Radio has been standing as a very powerful weapon in the society which can direct the time. Radio broadcasting is the cheapest and quickest means of mass communications in Nepal. Radio Begnas is a community radio going to be established in Lekhnath-12, Khudi, Kaski.  The radio station will be located at the center of Khudi, nearer to Pokhara University, just 1300 meter inside the Prithivi Highway. The transmitting power of the radio will be 500 Watt and broadcasted within the radius of 20 km.
Radio Begnas will be registered under government of Nepal, Ministry of communication as a community radio. This will be registered as a organization which mostly focuses on developing the community through mass communication. The project evaluation from the NPV, IRR, cash flow, discounted cash flow and many more methods are providing the more feasibility to establish the project near future. From the research report it shows there is the profitability in to our investment i.e. 2, discounted payback period is 2.23 years, IRR is 47 % etc. From these financial indicators we can say that the capital expenditure is viable to our project. The services that we are selling of radio broadcasting capacity hour are projected from 50% to 70% which gives measurable profit and are feasible on the basis of budget. The methodology of this research design that we select in to our study is on the basis of the projected data.
The feasibility study of establishing an FM radio in Khudi, Kaski is best idea financially and in the sense of serving people too. Since the coverage area of Radio Begnas is remote villages of Kaski, Tanahau & Lamjung which are far from modern information and communication technology; so it will help to access education & information to all. Another important fact, in the present context, is people suffering from long power cut (load shedding) are listening radio as the best means of communication. So it’s feasible and good to establish a 500 watt FM radio in Khudi, Kaski.  you have to pay certain amount NRs/ USD for more access.... email us...

For feasibility report:, Bishnu Neupane, School of Business, Pokhara University 
Bishnu Prasad Neupane, Presentation on " Shreenagar Coffeehouse, Tansen, Plapa: Business Development Plan" 2011/ MBA IV Trimester, Pokhara University